Connect Experiences and live green with Hiklub

Hiklub is a service that helps you to organize memorable experiences and outdoor activities in a easy way. Manage all the activities with Hiklub doing something GOOD for the safety of our planet.


Why to use Hiklub

Stay Connected

Thanks to an internal chat you can be in contact with the participants, send them automatically all the information that they need and manage your activities in a smooth way.

Smooth payment

With Hiklub, managing the payment of your activities with the participant is easy, fast and safe. You‘ll get paid faster than in other platforms and your fares will get automatically deposited.

Secure the future of our planet

With Hiklub you have the possibility to contribute to secure the future of our planet. Using Hiklub you can organize your activities and do something GOOD.

Live green and plant a tree!

Get involved with the environment and participate
in our reforestation project.

How it works

Sign up, complete your profile and create you activity page.

See all the participants and get chatting.

Once you‘ve found all the participants, let‘s start the adventure.

Ready to be creator of memorable experiences and ensure to the planet a safe future?

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